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Casserole Carriers

Casserole Carriers by Annette's Creations are unique, quilted, high quality handcrafted items that make your life easier. All of our Casserole Carriers can hold any 9x13 pan (even two stacked!), large salad bowl or any size crock-pot. Each Casserole Carrier will hold your dish securely with a belt and buckle and adjustable ties. Wooden handles allow for a strong carry while keeping your hands safe while transporting your hot or cold dish. Never leaveyour utensils behind as every Casserole Carrier has a conveniently placed, large pocket on the front that holds your spoon or spatula! Our Casserole Carriers are designed to last for years and make great gifts for friends, brides, neighbors and coworkers! We offer a wide variety of prints, check them out on our SHOP page! Feel free to view our FAQ for more great information. Enjoy!

Microwave Bake Potato Bags

Annette's Creations Microwave Bake Potato Bag cooks “just right” Baked Potatoes (or yams!) in your microwave. The inside of the potato will be moist, fully cooked (not to mention delicious!), while the skin remains tender. In a matter of minutes the bag will cook 1-4 potatoes at once depending on their size. Dinner will be a breeze with the help of our Bake Potato Bag.  Check out our SHOP for different prints or our FAQ for additional information.  Enjoy!


Microwave Bowl Holders

Tired of burning your fingers every time you remove an item from your microwave? Annette's Creations Microwave Bowl Potholders are 100% cotton microwavable bowl holders. The Bowl Holder is placed directly in the microwave with your bowl containing soup, oatmeal, pasta, side dishes, etc... and keeps your hands from getting burned when you remove it. The magic doesn't stop there as it is also great for keeping your meal warm while you eat.  Check out our SHOP for many different prints or our FAQ for additional information! We know you'll love it!


Grocery Cart Covers

Annette's Creations grocery cart cover! Keep your little one comfortable, protected from germs, and secure with an adjustable belt buckle.  We've added a key ring to attach toys to keep your child entertained while shopping! Additionally, each grocery cart cover has velcro to keep the fabric snug to the cart.  Check out SHOP for many different kid approved prints.