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Casserole Carriers

Casserole Carriers by Annette's Creations are unique, quilted, handcrafted items that make your life easier. Covers any 9x13 pan, Large Salad Bowl or Crock-pot. Wooden handles keep your hands safe while carrying the hot dish and a conveniently placed, large pocket on the front holds your utensils!


Microwave Bake Potato Bags

This simple bag creates “just right” Baked Potatoes and Yams in your microwave.The inside of the potato will be well done, yet moist, while the skin remains tender.The bag will cook 1-4 potatoes at once depending on their size.They are also great for preparing potatoes for Potato Salad.


Microwave Bowl Holders

Microwave Bowl Potholders are constructed to provide you with both ease of use and low maintenance.

This is a 100% cotton microwaveable bowl cozy. This is placed in the microwave with your bowl filled with soup, oatmeal, pasta, side dishes, etc... and keeps your hands from getting burned when you remove it. No Mitts needed! It is also great for keeping your meal warm while you eat.